Teletherapy Services

Guided Path Psychological Services is ready to guide you through life's messy and difficult moments. We offer telehealth services including phone and virtual sessions. Our telehealth services are personal and private. We are ready to help you navigate existing struggles including depression, anxiety, trauma, conflicts within relationships and more. We can also help navigate new challenges including adjusting to social isolation, pandemic generated anxiety, managing family relationships while living in close proximity, efficiently scheduling the day and much more. You can benefit from our telehealth services anywhere including the comfort of your own home. Telehealth services are covered by some insurances. Also, some insurances are waiving copays. Check with your insurance for more information. Additionally, we offer sliding scale fees. Please call today at 847-809-3031 to set up an appointment. We will guide you through roadblocks towards more joy!

If you are having difficulty finding a private space to have your telehealth session, call Dr. Bonnie at 847-809-3031 and she will be able to provide suggestions.

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