Dr. Bonnie is not only a psychologist but also a metaphysical healer. She is gifted in helping empaths and lightworkers work through emotions. She aligns with her clients as she heals mind, body and spirit.

At Guided Path, we offer a holistic approach to mental health counseling healing not only the mind but also the body and spirit.

Empaths absorb the emotions of others often making it difficult to distinguish your emotions from those of others leading to mood swings, anxiety and confusion. This confusion can manifest in different ways negatively impacting overall health and well being. Guided Path can help you move towards balance. 

Dr. Bonnie is a healer that combines 35 years of work as a traditional psychotherapist along with spiritual/metaphysical guidance. She stresses that during this time of profound challenges and uncertainty, that those who feel called to assist humanity during this time of transition need to be at their best. It is a time of reflection for knowing oneself and healing past traumas, as we transition to a new humanity and way of living. Metaphysical healing according to Dr. Bonnie allows for true healing and mastery. Lightworkers and empaths it might be time to schedule a virtual session with Dr. Bonnie Estensen at 847 809 3031.

Dr. Bonnie can help you:

  • Distinguish your emotions from those of others
  • Shield yourself from other's negative emotions
  • Define your relationship needs
  • Set energetic boundaries
  • Set limits to prevent empathy overload
  • Work on self care including developing a meditation practice
  • Guide you on your metaphysical journey
  • Heal from past trauma
  • Move in the direction that your new awareness or consciousness calls you
  • Embark on a new life path

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