Local Resources

Guided Path Psychological Services loves being part of Palatine, Hinsdale and the greater Chicago area. The area is quite diverse and full of many resources that help support the community. We are maintaining this page to help the Guided Path community to be connected to these resources:

  • Palatine Park District: The Palatine Park District has a large range of community programs for families, children, adults and seniors.
  • Kathi Wotal: Acupuncturist at Health Fit in Arlington Heights. Kathi focuses on healing as well as educating her patients. She incorporates a variety of modalities to help patients on their road to wellness.
  • Transformations: Transformations has provided a safe haven for local transgendered individuals to meet and be beautiful! Transformations organizes monthly gatherings and helps transgender people find clothes that fit their sizes and personalities. Transformations is also a source for cancer patients seeking affordable and tasteful wigs while undergoing chemotherapy.
  • A Little Time and a Keyboard Blog: A local family blog that shows families what there is to do in the suburbs and throughout the Midwest with an emphasis on small business and enjoying local gems. Easy recipes and activities are also featured.
  • Chicagoland LGBTQ Services: A database maintaining an active listing of services for the LGBTQ community. The database is maintained by Adler University.
  • True Colors Fund: Foundation working to end homelessness for LGBTQ teens. The website contains local resources for LGBTQ teens and community throughout the country.
  • PATH Palatine Assisting Through Hope:PATH helps local families meet their basic needs through donations by other local families.
  • Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy: Therapy animals that assist with comfort and healing in therapeutic environments.
  • Borne2Dance: A center for the arts celebrating music and dance through classes for children. Children are encourage to explore their creativity in a warm, nurturing environment.
  • Spiritual Nourishment: We are happy to hold Spiritual Nourishment's local networking meetup of wellness professionals at our office. Owner Sarah Karnes also hosts programs that helps people at different stages of life reframe their minds and give themselves more TLC.
  • Wildbird Shack: Watching backyard birds can lower stress levels and lifts spirits. The Wildbird Shack is a local small business where you can pick up all of your birding needs and learn about how to attract birds from a knowledgeable staff.
  • GiveNKind: GiveNKind is a local nonprofit which helps charities connect with resources they are in search of thereby reducing the time and energy charities spend on this process. Additionally, GiveNKind can pair businesses with items to donate with suitable charities.

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