We are currently holding virtual, phone, patio and  safe in person sessions during this time of social distancing. Please call us at 847-809-3031 to set up a session. Virtual and phone sessions are available for both new and existing patients. We are here for you.

As a therapist and administrator in community mental health agencies, Dr. Bonnie yearned for a warm, embracing, non-judgmental treatment setting focusing on diverse client needs. In 2003, Dr. Bonnie opened the doors to Guided Path Psychological Services and gradually expanded her vision to include additional therapists and a training facility for new clinicians.

The name Guided Path signifies the different paths presented to us throughout our lifetime and our occasional need for a professional to gently and respectfully guide us towards the path reflecting our ideal life journey. Through logical and thought-provoking discussions and education, we assist in moving roadblocks that may be hindering you thus helping you live a life providing joy, connection and mastery. 

Life experiences, self-doubt, pain and sadness cloud our ability to fully appreciate what life has to offer. We can forget how it feels to be fully happy, confident and proud of ourselves and our accomplishments. A professional helps lift that cloud and provides guidance and support to change your life.  

We offer a holistic approach to mental health counseling healing not only the mind but also the body and spirit.

Our message is one of hope. Believe in yourself to allow a professional healer to guide you on your path towards wellness.


Services covering:

Anxiety • Bullying • Career • Chronic Health Issues • Depression 

• Empaths • LGBTQ • Loss • Metaphysical Counseling 

• Middle School Transitions Parenting • Relationships 

• Substance Abuse • Trauma • Weight Related 

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